RONY Information

News: February 17, 2014
RONY Launches New Website.

Today, RONY launched a new and revamped website that can be found at  This newly designed site provides information on RONY’s Class I, II and III Railroad Members as well as information on RONY’s Associate and Contributing Members.  In addition, this new site provides information on RONY’s New York State Legislative activities as well as general background on the freight rail industry in NYS.  

News: January 30, 2014
RONY Executive Director Scott Wigger Testifies at Legislative Budget Hearing.

Today, RONY Executive Director Scott Wigger presented testimony to the Legislative Fiscal Committee Budget Hearing on Transportation at which he outlined the needs in the NYS freight rail network and how the state’s freight railroads are prepared to partner with New York State to strengthen the state’s rail infrastructure.  Included in the Governor’s 2014-15 Executive Budget proposal is a $10 million appropriation for freight rail infrastructure projects and $25 million for a mix of rail, aviation and mass transit projects.  RONY expressed its support for these proposed appropriations and stated its request to expand the state’s freight rail infrastructure capital program to a level of $30 million total.  RONY members and staff will now continue to work with the Governor’s Office and Legislature to advocate for the inclusion of these funds in the final 2014-15 NYS Budget, which is due by April 1st.  For a full copy of the testimony Mr. Wigger presented at this hearing, please visit our RONY News page by clicking on the News & Information link to the left.