The Railroad Group, LLC

5 Penn Plaza, 15th Floor
New York NY 10001
Tel: (413) 579-0005
Fax: (413) 568-2189

RONY Contact:
Rob Gardner

The Railroad Group, LLC is an established railroad construction company comprised of four divisions: Railroad Construction Company of South Jersey (RCCSJ);Railroad Constructors, Inc. (RCI); JJD Electric (Solar & Signal) and 3D Railroad Services.

RCCSJ & RCI Services include:

Mobile Electric Flash-Butt Welding Services; Railroad Track Design, Drafting & Layout;
Emergency Track Repair; Derailment Inspection & Repairs; Track Inspection(FRA 213); Track & Bridge Maintenance, Removal &Rehabilitation; High Production Rail &Tie Gangs; Grade Crossing Installation & Rehabilitation; Timber Crib Wall Construction; High Production Track Surfacing; Electric Welding & Repair of Switch Points, Frogs, & Rail Joint Build-Up; Thermite Welding Crews; Insulated Joint Installation; Crop & Weld Joint Elimination Gangs: Railroad Track Material Sales

JJD Electric (Solar, Substation & Signal):

Provides 24/7 call in service for Railroad, Facilities and Industry; Expertise in Renewable Energy (solar, wind and energy storage) operations & Maintenance; CCTV & Security Systems; Substations, Transformers; Installation of Aerial/Overhead Systems; Electrical Raceways; Industrial Lighting (design & installation); non-destructive Cable Testing; Infrared Thermography

3D Railway Services provides:

Rail car shifting and logistics for Industrial Customers, Commercial Warehouses & Ports; Provides sales-leasing for Hi-Rail equipment; Hi-Rail Equipment Manufacturing, Rehabilitation & Repair.