RailPro Industries, Inc.

63 South 4th Avenue
Ilion NY 13357
Tel: (315) 520-4087
Fax: (315) 316-2734

RONY Contact:
Jerry Stucchijasydj@icloud.com

RailPro Industries, Inc. (RPI) provides specialized services for railroad transportation including performing maintenance on freight and passenger locomotives and railcars. RailPro specializes in: cleaning, degreasing, coating, and painting. Inspection services are also available, as is a menu of routine maintenance services. RailPro Industries also provides scrap service for all types of rolling stock.

Vision: RailPro Industries, Inc seeks to become the regional industry leader, providing professional services to our customers in the most effective and efficient manner. We will deliver highly specialized professional services to Class 1, 2, & 3 Railroads. Our delivery system will yield desired results on time, on target and within budget.