Orgo-Thermit, Inc.

3500 Colonial Drive North
Manchester NJ 08759
Tel: (732) 657-5781
Fax: (732) 657-5899

RONY Contact:
GeorgeAnne Tutunjian

Orgo-Thermit manufactures and supplies Aluminothermic welding products and equipment for tee-rail, crane rail and grooved rail, as well as provides comprehensive training programs for the process of joining steel rails. Located in Manchester, New Jersey, our group has been a world leader in Thermit® welding since 1895, and a major supplier to the railroad and transit industry for Thermit® rail welding related products. Orgo-Thermit is a Member of The GOLDSCHMIDT-THERMIT-GROUP, a worldwide network of companies committed to leadership in rail welding kits, tools, services, and training.