Nisus Corporation

100 Nisus Drive
Rockford, Tennessee 37853
W: 800-264-0870
F: 865-577-5825

RONY Contacts:
Ken Laughlin

Nisus Corporation approaches wood preservation in bridge and rail ties from the standpoint of what the long-term environmental impacts will be. We have made great strides in supporting the sustainability of the railroad industry using copper naphthenate preservative technology as a clean wood protection method that works with the natural environment to reduce the carbon foot print of bridge programs. This advanced preservation process produces an end result that is aesthetically pleasing, clean to the touch, does not bleed, typically lasts 30-50 years, and does not have to be disposed of as hazardous waste. This allows for recycling or energy recovery after the ties primary use, completing the life-cycle of the tie with minimal environmental impact. Copper naphthenate is the leading oil borne preservative used to replace creosote ties and is part of Nisus’ core mission to produce sustainable wood protection methods that will last for generations.