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Thomas Cole, P.E.
tacole@modjeski.comModjeski and Masters, Inc. (M&M), an employee-owned company, is a nationwide leader in the design, inspection, and rehabilitation of all bridge types, including fixed and movable railroad structures. Not coincidently, the Rock Island Bridge, a railroad movable bridge and first bridge designed by our founder, Ralph Modjeski in 1896, is still in service today. Since then, we have designed, inspected, rated and/or rehabilitated hundreds of railroad bridges, including each of the Class I railroads in the United States and Canada and for numerous Short Lines and Terminal Companies. We also have a long history of involvement in the continued development and revision of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association (AREMA) Manual for Railway Engineering, including participation in AREMA Committees. We are represented on the following committees: Committee 7, Timber Structures; Committee 8, Concrete Structures; Committee 9, Seismic Design; and Committee 10, Structures, Maintenance, Construction. Our firm has led the development of many of the current bridge specifications. For more information, including in-depth videos of Modjeski and Masters at work, please visit