Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.

149 18th Street, 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Tel: (718) 560-1280
Fax: (724) 925-9847

RONY Contact:
Scott Douglas, P. E.

Geosyntec Consultants is a specialized, full-service consulting and engineering firm comprising 1,200 engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, and other practice specialists in offices throughout the United States and abroad. Here in the Mid-Atlantic, we have a total of nine offices, including a location in Brooklyn. Known for our high-value services, first-to-field deployment of emerging technologies, and innovative solutions, we help our clients address new challenges, undertake new ventures, and solve complex problems involving the environment, natural resources, and civil infrastructure.

Geosyntec has a strong record of accomplishment and long history of helping our railroad clients meet their environmental objectives. We have successfully scoped, led, and completed projects involving the assessment and cleanup of storage tank releases, RCRA and CERCLA issues, and innovative remediation technologies at active and inactive railroad properties (e.g., innovative rainwater harvesting system for dust suppression at a coal storage yard, which reduced dependence on municipal water). We also have an incident response team with experience managing environmental concerns at derailments and accidental releases from rolling stock. Geosyntec also provides storm water engineering services and applied specialized process engineering approaches to our railroad clients’ water supply and wastewater treatment facility projects, has conducted environmental compliance audits, and has undertaken extensive due diligence services and investigation oversight for major property transactions.