Conducting Business for New York State

Railroads of New York (RONY) represents the freight rail industry in New York State, comprised of four Class I freight railroads and 33 Regional (Class II) and Shortline (Class III) railroads. Together, these railroad members directly employ over 3,700 individuals and carry nearly 77 million tons of freight in 2 million rail carloads annually statewide.

RONY is also supported by its Associate and Contributing members which represent many businesses that provide goods and services to the freight rail industry, including engineers, surveyors, contractors and material suppliers.

RONY proudly partners with many of New York State’s businesses, economic development organizations, industrial development agencies and governmental agencies to help promote economic development efforts all across the state, helping to enable many of New York’s industrial, manufacturing and agricultural businesses to reach markets across the country and to realize a substantial competitive advantage over other businesses that lack access to the rail network.

“…to provide a trade association for all freight railroads that operate in the State of New York to advocate for the rights and needs of railroads and their customers, as well as to encourage economic growth within the state of New York.”

    – RONY Mission Statement


Crude-by-Rail Safety Initiative Announced - February 21, 2014

In conjunction with the Association of American Railroads, the freight rail industry joined the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) in announcing a series of agreed-upon voluntary operating practices for moving crude oil by rail which includes the following measures:

  • Increased track inspections
  • Implementation of new emergency braking systems
  • Use of rail traffic routing technology to aid in the determination of the safest and most secure rail routes
  • Lower speeds when moving through urban areas
  • Increased community relations
  • Increased trackside safety technology
  • Increased emergency response training and tuition assistance
  • Railroad emergency response capability planning

In addition, railroads will continue to work with the Federal government and rail customers to address other key shared safety responsibilities, including Federal tank car standards and the proper shipper classification and labeling of crude oil moving by rail.  For more information on this initiative, please visit www.aar.org.

RONY Announces New Associate Member - February 20, 2014

RONY is pleased to announce that Atlantic Track has joined RONY as its newest Associate Member.  Atlantic Track has over 75 years of experience in supplying new and relay rail, trackwork, OTM and railroad accessories.  Atlantic is also a manufacturer of diamond crossings, RBM and spring frogs, compromise and transition rails, expansion joints and bridge joints.  Other rail-related services Atlantic provides include restoration of used switch material for all types of railroad service, customized fiberglass grating systems and insulation, third rail for transit systems and inspection and track removal.  For more information on Atlantic, you may contact John McDonald at johnm@atlantictrack.com.

RONY Executive Director Scott Wigger Testifies at Legislative Budget Hearing - January 30, 2014

Today, RONY Executive Director Scott Wigger presented testimony to the Legislative Fiscal Committee Budget Hearing on Transportation at which he outlined the needs in the NYS freight rail network and how the state’s freight railroads are prepared to partner with New York State to upgrade and strengthen the state’s rail infrastructure.  Included in the Governor’s 2014-15 Executive Budget proposal is a $10 million appropriation for freight rail infrastructure projects and a $25 million appropriation for a mix of rail, aviation and mass transit projects.  RONY expressed its support for these proposed appropriations and stated its request to further expand the state’s freight rail infrastructure capital program that was reestablished in the 2013-14 NYS Budget.  RONY members and staff will now continue to work with the Governor’s Office and Legislature as the final 2014-15 NYS Budget is negotiated, which is due by April 1st.  For a full copy of the testimony Mr. Wigger presented at this hearing, please visit our RONY News page by clicking on the News & Information link to the left.